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Looking for ways to use your Music Studio’s Facebook page to generate more student enquiries and engagement?

Are you serious about growing your private teaching practice or launching a music school?You can do so for a fraction of the cost that it would take someone to launch a business with a similar profit margin.

On top of that, we have the distinct advantage of being an educational business. Parents are actively looking for opportunities for their children. This means that there are tactics we can use for low cost or no cost that cannot be used by other businesses.

Does this excite you? Is your mind already racing with possibilities? Are you experiencing a mindset shift?

There are several mindsets you must adopt if you want to grow your studio and start attracting new students through your Facebook page.

Here are 3 to get you started

1) Your #1 marketing goal is to get people to DO something – to take some sort of action.

We are not trying to “get our name out there.” We are not trying to get people to remember us. We are not trying to entertain people. These strategies might work for big companies like Apple or Coca-Cola. They are not as effective for those of us with smaller budgets.

2) Inspire Action

If our goal is for our customer to take action, then we must do something that inspires that action. If we want to train a new generation of children to learn and love the keyboard, we are going to have to inspire parents to assume a completely different vision of their child’s future. This is no small task! Everyone hates marketing. Yet, no parent on earth will tune you out when you paint a picture of happier, brighter future because of music.

3) Storytelling

Therefore, our chief tool in marketing is not clever catch phrases or boring information – it is the power of storytelling. Whenever I receive a new contact for piano, I make a phone call to that parent. Within five minutes, most parents aren’t just sold on joining my studio. They are transfixed and stimulated by a new and exciting vision of what music can and will be for their child.

2 post ideas that you can try right now!


When a student passes a book, take their picture! Have them hold up their new books proudly. Big smiles are a must. Also, you could take a snapshot whenever a new student begins.

Sharing their success paints in the mind of new parents the idea of their own child progressing through a series of piano grades for example with a smile on their face, a proud sense of achievement.

What parent wouldn’t want that for their child!


A short video of one of your students each week performing a piece (or more if you can).

It could be a short excerpt or a duet with you their teacher.

The idea is we as teachers want to celebrate our students success, share this with the world and tell the story of student achievement to our prospective new students. It doesn’t need to be a complete piece at all, what about:

  • the intro to a well known song
  • super cool drum fill
  • fun extended technique you are exploring
  • new gear in action (little Billy grooving out on his new Fender)

It also builds a sense of community in your Studio. Parents of your students begin to see this activity as different. More weighty. More important. Parents don’t see this kind of effort or care from other music teachers.

They also don’t see this kind of effort and care put into other activities in their child’s life. Dance, sports, academics… no one else is highlighting their children’s efforts and participation quite as personally.

Don’t underestimate the subtle impact these images and stories have on the subconscious mind.

Getting parental permission.

Is it OK to post pictures of children without parental permission.

Uh… of course not!

For legal and ethical reasons, you should always ask before you doing something like this.

Hi Sue,

I meant to ask you something at the end of Sarah’s lesson.

Whenever a student passes their book, I put them on the Wall of Fame (if you can link to other examples do this here).

However, I ask parents before I do it the first time.

Are you ok with Sarah getting her own special entry?


Almost 100% of the time, parents agree without hesitation.

It is really important you make it clear to the parent exactly where online with photo and video will be.

If it is going on Facebook and your website you need to tell them. And the image can’t be used for any other school marketing without getting consent again from the parent first.

By asking for consent after showing parents examples of other pervious cases and being very clear about it’s use, they will appreciate you going above an beyond for your students but with their privacy at the top of your mind which shows a great deal of respect.

Celebrating student success feels good for the parent and good for you!